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FAMOCO Starter Kit

FAMOCO Starter Kit includes 2 FX100+ devices, full access to SDK libraries, 1 year of professional assistance for developing and testing applications.

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FAMOCO Starter Kit (FSK) is a professional package for any software house or developing company that needs to develop an application specifically for FAMOCO devices, exploiting their full potential.

FSK includes:

  • a kit of FAMOCO devices of your choice, between:
    • 2 FX100+
    • 2 FX200
    • 1 FX100+ and 1 FX200
    • 1 FX300
  • Full access to the SDK libraries
  • Professional assistance for one year, provided directly by FAMOCO technicians
  • Free access to FAMOCO Management Suite for 1 year to 50 devices

FAMOCO Management Suite (FMS) is the platform to easily manage your FAMOCO devices.

Through the FMS you can upload your app and push it to the selected devices. It's very useful for updates or changes of application, because you can update at once all the involved devices.

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