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Stiff Textile NFC Tags Ntag212

NFC Tags heat sealable for clothing. This Tag is suitable for application on rigid or semi-rigid, like a hat. It can not be bent.

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The Stiff Textile NFC Tag has a traditional antenna, but it's placed in a "lining" which makes it completely waterproof and heat sealable on polymers and textiles.

It is suitable for rigid or semi-rigid substrates that can not be twisted (eg. caps). In case of composed stresses, the device is subject to breakage.
Withstand immersion, even prolonged, and high temperatures, but it can not be washed nor ironed.
It is available in size 25 x 25 mm
Application to clothing
The Stiff Textile NFC Tag  can be applied to polymers and rigid or semi-rigid fabrics with a heat press at 150°C for 15 seconds (to remove the protective liner only a cold, after welding).

NFC chip
The NFC chip textile Tag is Ntag212 of NXP:

  • with universal compatibility with all NFC smartphones
  • 128 bytes of memory available
  • digital signature of authenticity
  • NFC Forum type 2 / ISO 14443 A

Ntag212 chip can also be used as anti-counterfeiting device, via Tag Ove. To this solution, choose the Encoding for Tag Over as an accessory.

  • NFC Chip: NTAG212
  • Available memory: 128 bytes
  • Password Protection: Supported
  • Works on metal: No
  • Waterproof level: Fully Waterproof
  • Universal Compatibility: Yes

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