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PVC NFC Tags 1k

Round PVC adhesive NFC Tags, with incorporated 1k Chip. Waterproof. Diameter 20 or 25 mm.

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  • Round 25mm
  • Round 20mm

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All our NFC Tags are tested before shipping.
NFC Tags are new, empty and have a capacity of 1 kb. Please check compatibility with your device.
NFC Tags can be enconded with a free mobile app.
Normal NFC Tags don't work near metal. If you need to apply NFC Tags on metal surfaces, please check the "On Metal NFC Tags" category.
  • NFC Chip: 1k
  • Available memory: 712 bytes
  • Password Protection: Not supported
  • Works on metal: No
  • Waterproof level: Fully Waterproof
  • Universal Compatibility: No

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