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Orbit IP - Ethernet NFC Reader

Orbit IP is an Ethernet-based contactless smart card reader for registration, time and attendance monitoring, and access control. It can also save data on SD card and switch a relay,

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  • Wall mount
  • Desktop
  • Ethernet (PoE)
  • AC adapter

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Orbit IP is a TCP/IP Ethernet-based RFID terminal for contactless smart cards. It is compliant with ISO 14443 Type A/B (Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, NTAG Series) and ISO 15693 (ISO-CODE SLI) standards. The reader employs a Power over Ethernet connection which eliminates the need for a power outlet.

Orbit IP operates as a standalone HTTP web client. As such it does not require an extra computer to perform smart card communications. It connects to a 10/100 Base hub/switch and interacts with a web server using common web languages. A complete, powerful access control or time / attendance system can be built on a simple web page.

Various page extensions are selectable such as .php, .aspx, .cfm, .pl, .html. This capability allows easy integration with various HTTP web server systems like Microsoft IIS and ASP, Apache with PHP and MySQL database server, and more.

When a ISO14443 Type A contactless card is detected by the reader, it sends a GET request to the web server for a page named /orbit.php. The server responds with standard HTTP reply to reader with embedded controls between <ORBIT> and </ORBIT> tags.

Orbit IP is equipped with flexible software-controlled user interface with 3 LED indicators and a beeper. The reader also manages relays to control external devices (basic version has no relay: for furhter information, please contact technical support).

  • Contactless smart card NFC reader
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology
  • TCP/IP network connectivity
  • Easy to program using common web languages
  • 3 LED indicators and beeper built-in


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