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Fast Fidelity - Activation

Fast Fidelity Starter Pack, a Loyalty System based on NFC technology, for Shops, Clubs, Gyms, Holiday Villages. 50 Custom NFC Cards included.

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Fast Fidelity is a loyalty system based on NFC technology, which allows small shops, clubs, gyms, clubs, to create and manage their customers, rewarding the best ones. It's low cost and innovative!

Fast Fidelity can be used from PC or smartphone.

The package includes:

  • Fast Fidelity Account Activation
  • 1 NFC Loginer with USB cable
  • 50 Custom Printed NFC Cards
  • Cloud Storage for management of customers and awards
Please note: there is a fee of 150 euro for annual renewal of Cloud Storage.

How Fast Fidelity works

NFC card are given to customers. Each card identifies one customer, by using the unique ID of NFC chip inside. This ID is readable with NFC Loginer (for PCs) or with NFC Fidelity app (for Android smartphones). Merchants can load loyalty points and loyalty prizes, and assign them to their customers.

Fast Fidelity Benefits

  • Merchants can insert their customers into their loyalty system, via PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Merchants can assign points to their customers
  • Merchants can decide what are loyalty prizes and assign them to their customers
  • Customers can check the amount of their loyalty points and see what are the loyalty prizes with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.

To work properly, Fast Fidelity needs internet connection (fixed or mobile).

Download NFC Fidelity app from Google Play to use Fast Fidelity from your smartphone.

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  • Consider 1 mm bleed on each side: image file must be 87 x 56 mm (the cards have dimensions of 85 x 54 mm)
  • Do not insert crop marks
  • For proper color processing, the print files should be in RGB

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