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NFC Sticker for Anti-Counterfeiting

Anti-Counterfeiting NFC Sticker to Guarantee the Authenticity of products through Tag Over service and Label Tracking mobile app.

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Tag Over Stickers are used to fight counterfeiting, certify the authenticity of high-value products and provide more information about products and manufacturers.

Important: after purchasing, you will be sent the credentials to access the Control Panel of Tag Over, where you can register your products and add all their features.


NFC Anti-Counterfeiting

Tag Over Labels provide a guarantee of product's authenticity by the embedded NFC Tag's unique ID, which is not falsifiable.

For more information:

The authenticity of the product with a Tag Over Label can be verified by anyone with the free app Label Tracking. For more information:


Label Marketing

Tag Over's Labels also provide marketing through label. Through NFC Tag, in fact, you can go to the product page, with all the information about the product and the manufacturers, and how to contact them.

On the same page and with no additional fees, you can include a link to directly buy the product, links to other products of the same company, social buttons to share the product on social networks.


Charateristics of the Sticker

  • Dimensions: round, 25mm diameter
  • NTAG Chip compatible with all mobile devices, smartphones and tablets
  • Digital signature of NFC chip manufacturer
  • NFC Tag already encoded to be used with Tag Over


Tag Over's Labels are designed to ensure the authenticity of high-value products, such as DOCG food and beverages, or fashion/luxury products.

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