Ntag216 NFC Tags - Universal Compatibility
Bigger capacity, thanks to 888 bytes of available memory. Ideal for business cards, NTAG216 NFC Tags have a wider range and a higher speed.

NFC Wet Inlay NTAG216 Round ø38mm

0.45 € Min: 4000 pieces

Clear NFC Tags with NTAG216 chip. Faster, wider reading range, larger memory. Compatible with every NFC device, NTAG216 Tags have 888 bytes of capacity.

As low as: 0.42 €/pz. for 8000 pieces

100 NFC Business Cards

139.00 €

NFC Business Cards with NTAG21x Chip, with Universal Compatibility. Ideal for a link or a V-Card. Printing on both sides.

As low as: 97.30 €/pz. for 10 pieces

Custom NFC Cards - Express Printing

1.79 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Smart Cards in PVC with Chip of your choice, printed with Re-transfer quality. White PVC Cards, 85.60 x 53.98 mm, round corners. Choose the chip from the drop-down menu.

As low as: 1.25 €/pz. for 500 pieces

Cable Tie NFC Tags NTAG21x

0.89 €

Cable Tie with NFC Tag embedded in flat head, made of Nylon. Totally waterproof. Universal Compatibility. Custom Print available. You can choose Ntag213 or Ntag215 Chip.

As low as: 0.71 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

Custom NFC Pen Ntag216

1.50 € Min: 100 pieces

NFC Ballpoint Pen with NFC Tag embedded and custom printed layer. Ntag216 Chip has Universal Compatibility and 888 bytes of available memory.

As low as: 1.20 €/pz. for 2000 pieces

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Works on metal:

Works on metal:

Waterproof level:

Waterproof level: