NFC Tags with NTAG213 Chip
New generation of the widespread Ntag203, NTAG213 NFC Chip is made by NXP, has a 144-byte memory and Universal Compatibility. It can be Password-protected.

White NTAG213 Cards

1.19 €

NFC Smartcards in PVC with NTAG213 Chip, compatible with all devices. White PVC Cards, CR80 85.60 x 53.98 mm, round corners.

As low as: 0.39 €

Laundry Tag Ntag213 22mm

1.50 €

NFC Tags specially made for Laundry. Suitable for use in clothing, thanks to 2 little holes. They can resist to industrial washing and high temperatures.

As low as: 0.90 €

Cable Tie NFC Tags

0.89 €

Cable Tie with NFC Tag embedded in flat head, made of Nylon. Totally waterproof. Universal Compatibility. Custom Print available. You can choose Ntag213 or Ntag215 Chip.

As low as: 0.71 €

NFC Keyrings - Low Cost

1.39 €

NFC Keyrings (or Keyfobs) made of PVC, waterproof and durable, with embedded NFC Chip. Please choose the NFC Chip you prefer from the drop-down menu. Customizable with Silk Screen Printing.

As low as: 0.59 €

NFC Disc NTAG213 30 mm

1.66 €

Round NFC Tags in ABS with a 3mm-hole. Durable and waterproof, you can hang them on the wall. Universal Compatibility. Useful for industrial use.

As low as: 1.00 €

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Works on metal:

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Waterproof level: