HF RFID (NFC) 13.56 MHz - High Frequency RFID

HF RFID operates at 13.56 MHz and is also called NFC (Near Field Communication). Compared to other RFID frequencies, NFC has the benefit of being readable with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Industrial NFC Tags Ntag213

1.99 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Disc made of ABS, very resistant and durable. It's waterproof, anti-metal, and adhesive, with embedded Ntag213 Chip, Universal Compatible.

As low as: 1.19 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

Industrial IP68 NFC Tags Ntag21x

2.90 € Min: 5 pieces

The most resistant NFC Tag, for industrial use. IP68 certified, resistant up to 230°C. Totally waterproof and dustproof. Equipped with anti-metal layer.

As low as: 1.90 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

NFC Clips NTAG216

1.64 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Paper Clips for your documents, equipped with NTAG216 chip, with 888bytes of available memory and compatible with all NFC devices.

As low as: 1.09 €/pz. for 100 pieces

NFC Keyrings - Low Cost

1.39 € Min: 10 pieces

NFC Keyrings (or Keyfobs) made of PVC, waterproof and durable, with embedded NFC Chip. Please choose the NFC Chip you prefer from the drop-down menu. Customizable with Silk Screen Printing.

As low as: 0.59 €/pz. for 5000 pieces

Cable Tie NFC Tags

0.89 € Min: 10 pieces

Cable Tie with NFC Tag embedded in flat head, made of Nylon. Totally waterproof. Universal Compatibility. Custom Print available. You can choose Ntag213 or Ntag215 Chip.

As low as: 0.71 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

Custom NFC Pen Ntag216

1.50 € Min: 100 pieces

NFC Ballpoint Pen with NFC Tag embedded and custom printed layer. Ntag216 Chip has Universal Compatibility and 888 bytes of available memory.

As low as: 1.20 €/pz. for 2000 pieces
NFC Stickers NTAG212 Round ø20mm NFC Stickers NTAG212 Round ø20mm
  • On sale!

NFC Stickers NTAG212 Round ø20mm

0.30 € Min: 100 pieces

Clear NFC Tags with NTAG212 chip, faster and with wider reading range. Compatible with every NFC device. Password-protection supported.

As low as: 0.20 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

NFC Stickers 1k

0.90 € Min: 10 pieces

Adhesive Paper NFC Tags with incorporated 1k Chip. NFC Sticker Tags, blank, dimensions of your choice.

As low as: 0.54 €/pz. for 1000 pieces

NFC Wet Inlay NTAG216 Round ø38mm

0.45 € Min: 4000 pieces

Clear NFC Tags with NTAG216 chip. Faster, wider reading range, larger memory. Compatible with every NFC device, NTAG216 Tags have 888 bytes of capacity.

As low as: 0.42 €/pz. for 8000 pieces

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